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Januray 13, 2003
Okay, three new cars: two less well-known cars from the 2002 Le Mans race: the Auto Palace Ferrari 360 (retiring at about 6am) and the 'Leader' Panoz Roadster – the baddies in the upcoming Luc Besson film, to complement the hero's Vaillant Lola that's already out there. The Panoz lasted 11 hours before retiring. Finally, another Panoz (yeah, look, I like them okay?!), this time a sometime entrant in the 2001 ALMS series – showing at the Texas debut and the ELMS races – the Westward Racing Panoz.

November 21, 2002
Oooops! Okay, so I thought no one was looking! All the links are now live, so you can now download the cars.

November 10, 2002
Welcome to the new-look T-Spark site – home to various cars and car sets for SportsCar GT for the PC. Currently you can find sets with all the major cars from the British GT and American Le Mans Series for 2001, plus cars from the 2002 British GT championship.
I've been concentrating pretty much on the British series cars recently, and have added a few more cars during the time that Speedsims.com, the main site for all things SCGT, has been down – you'll find them under the Cars menu option.
Even though SCGT may be getting a bit long in the tooth nowadays, there are still plenty of cars being released for it, and I don't think there's a racing game out there as user friendly for adding in your own work – so, make sure you give it a try yourself!